The new R 128 -23 LUFS EBU-standard


August 20 – the new audio EBU R 128 standard for all Belgian commercial tv-stations


To date, audio to picture (trailers / programmes / commercials) was on -9dB.

The -23 LUFS or R 128 standard, developed by the European Broadcast Union (EBU), is the new standard and aims to achieve a smoother sound between programmes, trailers and commercials. Ideally, you will no longer have to change the volume on your remote control.

Technically, this is a very different way of audio mixing, not only in terms of volume but also in terms of normalising, peak volumes, limiting, and so on. This finally spells an end to the “loudness war”.

After many hours of study, attending EBU-workshops, testing and purchasing especially developed plugins in collaboration with EBU for Pro Tools, Sound Wizard is ready for the new standard.

Sound Wizard:

• converts existing stereo final mixes.

• remixes existing audio tracks (via supplied omf files)

• makes new audio mixes, fully in line with the new R 128 standard




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  • Lorrany on said:

    Thanks for the kind words. No, I have not witnessed it mylesf, but I’ve sat in a lot of talks over the last few years at the annual AES conferences. When engineers stand in front of a crowd with slides of data talking about their testing methods, I have a tendency to believe them especially when its repeated by different people in different presentations. It’s really incredible to think that there could be such a discrepancy between between digital and analog signals, but it seems it actually does occur.

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