post production

TV commercials
Sound Wizard will go on a journey with you to find that perfect voice. We will propose music and effects and present you with a stunning mix of all three. We work with voice actors who make dubbing and acting seem effortless, voices that can raise your pulse with a soft and simple “mmmh”. Naturally we will make sure that the audio tracks are delivered to the video company of your choice in the desired format.
corporate video
Your visual calling card. Corporate identity videos, the launch of a new product or an impressive corporate presentation. We will take care of the matching background music, transition effects and the ideal sales voice-over in any desired language.
We can cast the perfect narrating voice for dubbing and mixing existing international documentaries. Audio files from external studios can be imported into our Pro Tools|HDX system very quickly and easily, leaving us free to focus fully on the creative work.
web-ads / online
Fast, flashy and to the point. Web work requires the voice-over, the music and the sound effects to be spot on so that they grab the attention and will not let go of it again.
in-store video
The latest jackhammer with integrated GPS module or a new yoghurt with vertically rotatory lactic acid? Your product video for in-store presentation demands a special voice-over. We can guarantee finding the ideal voice actor in our extensive cast.