about Sound Wizard

sound productions

radio commercials
Radio commercials are the most environmentally friendly method of advertising. Television without picture, but with rich imagery is what radio is all about. The commercial will be developed in cooperation with you. Apart from helping you with aspects like timing (can we really get all of this across in thirty seconds?), Sound Wizard will look for the very best voice actors, funky background music and sound effects for you and will work with external producers if required. It goes without saying that many years of experience in the studio makes voice coaching an integral part of the package and delivering the finished products to the desired radio stations will of course be done for you as well.
IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and other telephone applications
Making the best possible first impression on the phone is vital to your company. Having a welcoming and professional voice to guide them, will help your customers navigate quickly and efficiently through the menus. As every file needs to be named very precisely, IVR is a finicky and precise job for which we work with the best voice-over actors in any required language.
audio books and CDs
Reading aloud is truly an art form. To bring stories to life we can count on the help of talented actors who have tons of experience in the art of storytelling.
radio plays
What makes a successful radio play? A combination of a plot full of suspense, skilful voice actors, fun sound effects and beautifully custom-composed music would be our first guess. For the music scores Sound Wizard enjoys making the magic happen with music wizards.
e-learning applications
Ranging from soothing, calm voices to voice actors who can really raise the bar, accompanied by adapted music and sound effects, e-learning applications have become the new standard for offering your employees or customers a fun way of learning new skills. This can of course be recorded in any desired language.
audio tours for museums or exhibitions
How can you best bring a painting or a 2000-year old statue to life? A perfectly balanced interaction between engaging voices, bespoke music and soundscapes will help you achieve this. We can also help you with contact details for specialised and accomplished copywriters.
Presenting the latest and trendiest electric car or a new artisan gingerbread will only really become a captivating moment if it is accompanied by the right music and soundscapes. Top it off with a professional voice-over in the desired language and your dish is ready to serve.
theater and performing arts
Looking for the sound of a gentle spring shower turning into a torrential downpour, applause like rolling thunder, or the hustle and bustle of a busy souk in Damascus? How about a music score that grabs you by the throat? You can have it in any form or duration. You only have to bring the audience in yourself.

post production

TV commercials
Sound Wizard will go on a journey with you to find that perfect voice. We will propose music and effects and present you with a stunning mix of all three. We work with voice actors who make dubbing and acting seem effortless, voices that can raise your pulse with a soft and simple “mmmh”. Naturally we will make sure that the audio tracks are delivered to the video company of your choice in the desired format.
corporate video
Your visual calling card. Corporate identity videos, the launch of a new product or an impressive corporate presentation. We will take care of the matching background music, transition effects and the ideal sales voice-over in any desired language.
We can cast the perfect narrating voice for dubbing and mixing existing international documentaries. Audio files from external studios can be imported into our Pro Tools|HDX system very quickly and easily, leaving us free to focus fully on the creative work.
web-ads / online
Fast, flashy and to the point. Web work requires the voice-over, the music and the sound effects to be spot on so that they grab the attention and will not let go of it again.
in-store video
The latest jackhammer with integrated GPS module or a new yoghurt with vertically rotatory lactic acid? Your product video for in-store presentation demands a special voice-over. We can guarantee finding the ideal voice actor in our extensive cast.