Does Sound Wizard compose music?
We work with great musicians. Of course we will coordinate your project and guide it to successful completion.
are musicians welcome at Sound Wizard?
A harp, guitar, kazoo, or any other mobile solo-instrument is more than welcome. Singers are also invited to come over and go wild.
How do I get my commercial to the radio stations?
We will take care of that for you. Sound Wizard has contacts with all stations and will send your commercial in the right audio format to the station via FTP in time for broadcast.
Does Sound Wizard write radio commercials?
Adapting copy for a radio commercial is not quite, entirely identical as editing a text. That’s why we work with specialised copywriters and radio producers. Before and during the recording session of your commercial we keep a firm (but fair) eye on the timing.
What if your project doesn’t fit into any of these categories?
Contact us today. We’d love to look into how we can help you with this obviously exotic challenge without committing you to anything.